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DBQ: What Does It Do?


DBQ stands for Disability Benefits Questionnaire. This is a form, filled out by a medical professional, that lists different symptoms a veteran may have related to a claimed condition.

What it Isn’t

Just having your doctor fill out a DBQ won’t get your claim granted. Typically, DBQs will only identify your current diagnoses and your current symptoms. Typically, to get a condition service connected, a medical professional must give an opinion that the condition is “at least as likely as not” related to service. Even though a DBQ doesn’t include this official medical opinion, it is still helpful for your claim.

Who Can Complete a DBQ

Any VA or private medical professional can fill out a DBQ for you. Some doctors are hesitant to fill them out, but we recommend bringing the DBQ with you to an appointment and waiting while your doctor completes it. You can find and download them HERE .